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Imagine you could guarantee a reporter would show up at your event...

Sad thought: There's nothing like the letdown of organizing a big event, grand opening, or conference and having nobody show up to document it. 

The media is too busy to be there. Bummer!

Why not rent a reporter?


This journalist has you covered...


Rent-a-Reporter was hatched by David Wylie. 

The Okanagan-based journalist has racked-up about 40,000 hours of experience as a professional reporter and editor – but who's counting?


We are basically a rental service. You rent a reporter to cover an event or conference, interview you and/or your guests, take photos and write a story. 


Rent-A-Reporter was started in the Okanagan Valley. We cover your events and stories from Vernon, to Lake Country, to Kelowna, to Penticton. (We're also expanding.)


We're available seven days a week to cover your events. If you're looking for a specific date, check our bookings. It's best to book early because our schedule fills up fast! 


Everyone has a great story to tell. We want to tell yours.

It can take wooing to catch media attention. If you put time and effort into an event, there's no guarantee you'll get any coverage. We guarantee your event isn't ignored by providing the coverage.



One of our reporters will cover your story journalism-style, including photos and interviews.

Our editor will add a catchy headline and be sure the prose are perfectly presented.

We'll send the whole package to you to use as you wish: send to media, use on your website, frame in your office.